Live Lucky with Kyle Reifers

Live Lucky with Kyle Reifers

Kyle Reifers wearing Black Clover hat

Sometimes the difference between the ball dropping in the hole instead of lipping out is totally up to luck. No matter how lined up your shot is or how well you read that green, after your prized putter makes contact, it’s all about luck.

What separates the pros from the amateurs is the ability to embrace that aspect of golf. To shine when the lights get bright and the pressure mounts means letting luck work to your advantage. Kyle Reifers is a man who has been committed to making his own luck and it took him from being an all-star in college to a consistent player in the PGA Tour.

Kyle was born in Columbus, Ohio and found his passion at golf and never turned back. Putting so much passion and hard work into golf combined with Kyle’s natural inclination to compete led to luck finding Kyle even before his professional career.

Receiving national attention early in his in amateur career, Kyle won two tournaments and finished runner-up at the NCAA Division I Championship. Experiencing this success helped Kyle believe in himself, his ability and the luck that was going before him. The luck stayed with him as he won his first appearance as a professional at the Chattanooga Classic and is only the 11th golfer to win his debut event.

Live Lucky for Kyle is more than a tee time or 18th hole decision. It is a way of life. Live Lucky means loving each swing of the club and believing that your effort is enough to garner help from the all-seeing golf gods. The same gods that decided it should rain the time you finally got to play in Augusta are the same ones that ensure those who work towards a dream are rewarded for their diligence.

Some people mistakenly compare luck to chance. Golf though, is no dice game. It is a sport about channeling your passion, frustration, strength, and grit determination into a swing that is as graceful as it is daunting. Kyle Reifers chooses to add luck to his game, it gives him confidence knowing that luck favors the bold.

Use every advantage you can to improve your game, on and off the course, and Live Lucky.

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