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    Black Clover Blog — top selling hats

    2017's Top Selling Black Clover Products

    2017's Top Selling Black Clover Products

    We don’t know about you, but here at Black Clover, we think 2017 was a pretty exciting year. Wendy’s gave an eager Tweeter a year of free chicken nuggets, April the giraffe gave birth to a baby boy after months of waiting, and we had the first solar eclipse in the Lower 48 in more than 30 years.

    As for Black Clover, we debuted our first dedicated retail outlet at the MGM Grand Las Vegas,  launched an exclusive partnership with Topgolf, and introduced our Western and our Luxury Edition collections.

    With the growing selection of Black Clover collections, we’ve had several Clover Nation enthusiasts ask about what our all-time favorites are. So, without further ado, check out our top five below. Feel free to comment with your favorite hat, accessory, or piece of clothing. Who knows, we might just send it to you ;)

    Drumroll please...

    1. Premium Clover 1. The one that started it all. It’s crisp white with black logo, its suited for every occasion and crafted for superior comfort and fit. It will keep you dry, cool and looking stylish. What else do you need?Black Clover Premium Clover 1
    1. Premium Clover 22. Another classic from our collection. The stylish charcoal grey blends seamlessly with Black Clover’s black four-leaf clover outlined in white. The Players Performance Wick keeps you dry and cool, even after a long day outdoors.                Black Clover Premium Clover 22
    1. Premium Clover 16. When people think about luck, they think of the iconic green four-leaf clover that you’ll find on this hat. Like all of our Premium Collection hats, it features A-Flex Headband for the best possible fit. Black Clover Premium Clover 16
    1. Premium Clover 51. This hat makes a statement. It’s daring black with lime green accents. It’s no wonder why this hat is our No. 2 seller. You’ll be turning heads with this hat! A must-add to any collection.  Black Clover Premium Clover 51
    1. Premium Clover 2. If our Premium Clover 1 is the original and classic, this hat is its evil twin. The black hat features a black clover logo with white outlining and our “Live Lucky” mantra featured prominently. It’s the hat you saw Shaquille O’Neal wearing on Instagram. We know it’ll look just as good on you as it does on him.                          Black Clover Premium Clover 2

    Our Premium Collection hats are our top sellers for a reason. It’s why you see Tony Robbins and Rob Lowe living luck in Black Clover hats. They’re crafted for superior fit and style, and will keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

    Want to experience the quality for yourself? Use code clover10 for 10% off your next order!