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    Black Clover Blog

    Top 6 Gifts For Father's Day

    Top 6 Gifts For Father's Day
    Not sure what you're going to get your dad this Father's Day. Well, "lucky" for you because we've got you covered. Check out THE best gifts to give this Father's Day!

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    Here's Why Baseball and Black Clover Are the Perfect Combo

    Here's Why Baseball and Black Clover Are the Perfect Combo

    Baseball & Black Clover: The Perfect Combo

    As the snow melts away and the heavy coats are put back up in the closet, you can almost feel the warm tension in the air. 

    While you’ve spent the last few months enjoying the sporting world inside arenas and stadiums, something is calling to you. 

    The warm air, the smell of fresh green grass growing, bright clear skies and cool starry nights. Oh yeah, that’s baseball calling and it is ready for you. 

    “America’s favorite pastime” has arrived and all of us at Black Clover couldn’t be more excited as we are releasing a brand new set of hats to celebrate a sport rich in tradition, quality, emotion and a lot of superstition. Traits we are all too familiar with.

    Here’s what we mean

    Baseball is sweet, simple, and full of quality.

    So is Black Clover.

    We kept it sweet and simple with these new hats. With our versatile colors and signature home run plate patch, these hats can go with any team in the league and with any fan who enjoys seeing a ball soar, a slide into a home plate, or the sound of thunder when the ball meets the bat.

    Baseball is full of magic and superstition…

    like finding a four leaf clover.

    Whether it’s spitting on your gloves like David Ortiz or touching Babe Ruth’s statue before every game like Roger Clemens, baseball players and their fans have always believed in magic that will bring them good luck before each game. 

     We believe in magic too. The magic of the clover. Our clover represents not only luck but the power each one of us has to make the most out of this game we call life. Through all of the strike-outs, the home runs, and the nail biting slides into home plate, each one of us can resonate with the power of luck has. Especially when you pair it with the skills and talents we develop so we can keep playing the game.

    Baseball is full of emotion.

    There is nothing quite like the sound of a cheering crowd at a baseball stadium. A roaring crowd at a baseball field can be heard from miles away. Even from afar, you can almost feel the energy radiating around a baseball stadium as each fan watches the small white ball determine the fate of the team they’re rooting for. And when you find yourself in the stadium, well, the energy make you want to jump out of your seat and grab a bat because you’re so close to the action, it makes you want to do nothing else but to step up to the plate and swing with all your might. 

    Here at Black Clover, we encourage the same amount of energy and emotion in each member of our team and in our apparel. We put emotion and power into our hats and apparel in hopes that anyone who wears the lucky clover will feel it.

    Whether you’re at the baseball field in your backyard, your local community, or a giant stadium rooting for your favorite team, we encourage you to take the lucky clover with you and enjoy each and every moment on that legendary diamond to its fullest.

    See, told you Black Clover and baseball go together.  #LiveLucky

    Motivation From Black Clover Ambassador, Tony Robbins

    Motivation From Black Clover Ambassador, Tony Robbins

    Standing at 6'7 and one of Black Clover's biggest fans and investors is none other than Tony Robbins, best selling author, motivational speaker, life coach to millions and one of the most famous business entrepreneurs of our time. 

    While traveling across the world and holding one of his six different trainings for thousands of people, you'll find Tony Robbins almost always wearing the legendary clover on his head. 

    Here's a list of our favorite quotes of Tony Robbins. Check them out, get inspired and see just how much of a Black Clover fan this guy is! 



    Tony Robbins Quote Two


    Tony Robbins Quote Three


    Tony Robbins Quote Four


    Tony Robbins Quote Five


    Tony Robbins Quote Six


    Tony Robbins Quote Seven


    Tony Robbins Quote Eight


    What's your favorite Tony Robbins quote? Comment down below and be sure to check out if Tony Robbins is in your area on his website! If you wear one of our hats to his conferences, we're sure he'll love it. 


    3 Things You Didn't Know About the Lebron James of NASCAR

    3 Things You Didn't Know About the Lebron James of NASCAR

    While Lebron and NASCAR racer, Kyle Busch, don’t have a lot in common, there is one thing they do have in common: they’re both well on their way to becoming the greatest athletes of their sport. This is especially true as Black Clover ambassador, Kyle Busch, is well on his way to beating the all-time NASCAR record this year. 

    Wanna know something else about Kyle Busch? Well...

    1. He really likes Mario Kart.

    He likes Mario Kart so much that he created a real life Mario Kart racetrack at his house. 

    Oh yeah, with the help of his son, Kyle got a group of buddies together, threw on the costumes of some of our favorite players from the beloved race game (Mario, Donkey Kong and Yoshi) and raced around. 

    Check out his tweet video about it:

    2. When he's not racing, he's running his incredible foundation.

    Alongside his wife, Samantha, Kyle runs The Kyle & Samantha Busch Bundle of Joy Fund which is a foundation that works with people who are struggling with infertility. 

    Kyle Busch and family(photo, Instagram)

    The foundation just awarded six couples in North Carolina with over $100,000 who are going through treatments in order to have children.

    Since its creation four years, the foundation has awarded 37 couples. 

    Learn more at


    3. He’s won every race, except for one. 

    While the Daytona 500 is exciting for many people, it is significantly special for Kyle as it is the one race he has never won. 

    In 2018, the M&M driver raced all 36 of the Monster Energy Cup Series, where he took first in eight of the races, placed in the top ten in twenty-eight of the races and top five in the other twenty-two.

    Unfortunately, none of those victories were at the Daytona 500 where Kyle placed twenty-fifth in the race which ultimately placed Kyle in the number four slot of the top racers in the 2018 series. 

    That being said, Kyle has spent his 2019 training and preparing himself to hold the victory cup at the 2019 Daytona 500 which begins this Thursday and though he doesn’t need the luck, (what with him nearly reaching over 200 victories in NASCAR), we know Kyle Busch is the racer to watch this year and we’re excited to watch him at every lap.



    Kyle Busch and family

    Top Travel Ideas for the 2018 College Basketball Tournament

    Top Travel Ideas for the 2018 College Basketball Tournament

    March is here, and that means plenty of amazing collegiate basketball action as schools battle it out across the country on the way to the 2018 championship game. We’ve put together ideas for each tournament destination to enjoy if you’re traveling to cheer on your favorite team in person.

    Omaha, Nebraska - Midwest Regionals

    March 23 & 25 CenturyLink Center

    CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska

    Omaha is a bustling Midwestern city filled with the spirit of adventure, which is fitting as it was a stopping place in the 1804 Lewis & Clark Expedition that charted America’s westward growth. The Corp of Discovery’s visit is commemorated at the Lewis & Clark Landing on the banks of the mighty Missouri River. At the Joslyn Art Museum, peruse breathtaking 19th century paintings depicting the Great Outdoors, and experience authentic train cars at the Durham Museum in the gorgeously refurbished Union Station. 

    Omaha is squarely in cattle country, and it’s definitely a city that enjoys fine cuts of beef, like at the popular Spencer's For Steak And Chops. For casual eats in a sports-centric scene, head to the Old Mattress Factory, a fun spot located in a vintage brick building dating from 1883.

    Los Angeles, California - West Regionals

    March 22 & 24 STAPLES Center

    Great eats in Los Angeles, California for March Madness

    There’s no denying the glamor of gorgeous Los Angeles … and its star power. If you’re headed to games at the incredible STAPLES Center, be sure and wander about energetic L.A. LIVE. It’s a huge entertainment complex filled with musical venues, restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, a museum and even a deluxe bowling alley, Lucky Strike. For a glimpse into pre-historic Southern California before all the Hollywood glitterati arrived, La Brea Tar Pits & Museum features bubbling natural pools of asphalt and the fossils of extinct megafauna like sabretooth cats and mammoths that met their end in the sticky goop. 

    Getting hungry? Wander about Historic Downtown’s Grand Central Market, where vendors serve food and drink from exotic produce and fresh-baked bread to hamburgers and ramen bowls. And for a delicious slice of Los Angeles culinary history, try a French dip at friendly Philippe The Original, one of the originators of the iconic soaked sandwich.

    Atlanta, Georgia - March 22 & 24

    South Regionals Philips Arena 

    Visit the Georgia Aquarium during March Madness

    Atlanta has long been known as a sports city, and this is especially true at the Centennial Olympic Park, which is located across the street from the Philips Arena. Nearby are thrilling attractions like the Georgia Aquarium, which makes for colorful pre-game strolling amid giant tanks teeming with aquatic life. For a rotating view of Atlanta’s impressive skyline, take a ride on Skyview Atlanta, a 20-story Ferris wheel with climate-controlled gondolas.

    Continue the rotating, sky-high theme over lunch, snacks, or dinner at the Sun Dial Restaurant with its 360-degree panoramic view from 723 feet in the air. And Atlanta is a hotspot for delicious barbecue, like the tasty vittles served at Twin Smokers BBQ and  Smoke Ring.

    Boston, Massachusetts - East Regionals

    March 23 & 25 TD Garden

    Visit the oldest restaurant in America, Union Oyster House

    It doesn’t get much more historic than Boston, one of the cradles of American independence. A classic activity for “Beantown” visitors is to follow the Freedom Trail, which crosses the picturesque Charlestown Bridge a block from the TD Garden. Unforgettable highlights on the route include Old North Church, the Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Museum, the USS Constitution, and Boston Common.

    Faneuil Hall is also located along the Freedom Trail, and it is an astounding place to sample New England’s finest foods from lobster rolls and crab cakes to broiled scrod and Boston cream pie. At Union Oyster House, the oldest restaurant in America, be sure to try the Boston baked beans and the clam chowder.

    As side note, the game of basketball itself was invented some 90 miles down the road from Boston in the city of Springfield, where its traditions and living legacy are honored at the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

    San Antonio, Texas - Finals

    March 31 & April 2 Alamodome

    Visit the Alamo during March Madness Finals

    Talk about a fantastic time to crown 2018’s college basketball champs in San Antonio — it’s the 300th anniversary of the beautiful city’s founding! Visiting the Alamo is a must. The former Spanish mission was the 1836 scene of one of America’s most famous battles. Next, meander along the gorgeous River Walk. A bit to the west, walk through vibrant Market Square, a three-block outdoor Mexican market. To take San Antonio from above, take a ride up the 750-foot-tall Tower of the Americas.

    The food in San Antonio is excellent. It’s the home of Tex-Mex cuisine including scrumptious tacos, enchiladas, and fajitas served along the River Walk at Casa Rio. This part of Texas was also settled by Germans, so savor European dishes like bratwurst and Wienerschnitzel at homey spots like Schilo’s, the oldest restaurant in these parts.

    Bonus Destination: Las Vegas, Nevada

    Catch all the March Madness games in Las Vegas!

    Viva Las Vegas! For many, there’s no substitute for watching the collegiate basketball on the famous Strip. Some of the best places to catch full-court presses include The Park, Vegas’ premiere outdoor space lined with numerous restaurants like Beerhaus. At MGM Grand, watch free throws in LEVEL UP, a cool interactive gaming stadium (you’ll see our Black Clover shop nearby). And at the astounding TopGolf next door, watch the games on more than 300 HD screens while teeing off from three levels of climate-controlled hitting bays.

    No matter where you watch all the basketball action this month — including your hometown — it’s the perfect time to show school spirit with the Black Clover Collegiate Collection. It features premium fitted, jersey, and mesh caps that make it easy cheer layups and three-pointers with style (and a little luck).

    Black Clover's Collegiate Line