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Living a Healthier Luckier Life with Jeffrey Wilson

Living a Healthier Luckier Life with Jeffrey Wilson


“I used to go by Jeff but I think Jeffrey just sounds more official,'' Jeffrey said mid-interview at the Black Clover corporate office. You could tell that Jeffrey was not used to being in the spotlight. He walked into the interview and took one look at the lights, video camera, and the chair sitting in the middle of the room and did the one thing I didn’t think he’d do. He winced. 

It was slight but it was noticeable and very surprising. 

When you think about the gym world and its more regular inhabitants such as personal trainers, “Fit”-stagrammers, and those in between, you probably picture the super ripped person with that Gene Simmons-esque energy, and a protein shake in one hand with a dumbbell in the other. Any version you imagine, you certainly would agree that any of those people would be ready and willing to flex their rippling six pack and biceps for all of the (social media) world to see. 

This wasn’t the case for our friend Jeffrey Wilson here. 

What makes the matter even more perplexing is the physical proof Jeffrey was exhibiting in the Eventide Tee and Boss Luck pullover he wore during the interview and the training field the following morning. I mean, the guy’s muscles are visible and defined. Everywhere. This former college athlete is, pardon my bro-anguage, swoll as hell and his approach to fitness is going to enter the fitness world like a calm and quiet storm and knock it completely on its feet. 

When we arrived on the soccer field near the local college, it was early. So early the sun had even hit the snooze button. While others are sleeping or just starting their day, Jeffrey is usually finishing his workout at the local gym. I had to stifle a yawn so I could ask him how he managed to get up so early. 

“I do it because it gives me energy for my day,” Jeffrey said. “I’m awake, my mind is awake, it’s just nice to get it out of the way”. Before I could get on to my next question, Jeffrey stopped me and added, “Oh, and because my family is asleep then so I can get a workout in and not take away time from them.”

I was pretty impressed with both answers and was glad the request to have the photoshoot and video shoot early in the morning was easy for him to do. 

“I’m just gonna do what I normally do,'' Jeffrey said as he walked up to me. Almost immediately something took over Jeffrey’s entire body. It was as if some switch labeled “focus” flipped on inside his brain. It wasn’t as if the stretching Jeffrey started doing was hard, I mean, you had to have learned the moves if you had a decent high school gym teacher. Jeffrey quickly went from stretching to his first workout with the dumbbells he had brought with him.  Not even ten minutes into this interview with Jeffrey and he had communicated a very simple message to me: Jeffrey Wilson knows exactly what he’s doing. 

Alongside his extensive history in fitness and health, Jeffrey has started to document his gym journey and health tips and tricks for anyone to read online. Just in its starting phases, Jeffrey’s “Always Be Fit” blog and e-book are full of personal and insightful advice for anyone at any fitness phase of their life. 

“What really inspired me to start the blog was the conversation I was having with people and getting asked various questions and so I decided I was going to write down what I’ve researched and experienced and give it to people to get them started,” said Jeffrey. “I just wanted to cover the main foundation principles”.

While it can be argued that most trainers and those we deem “fitness goals” are inspiring us to look good on the outside, Jeffrey is taking his blog and e-book one step further. “I’m hoping I can teach others to look good on the outside while still feeling great on the inside”.

As the sun was rising and with it, the temperature, Jeffrey walked over to the last part of his workout: the bleachers. The shirt came off but the hat stayed on which makes sense, I mean, the Seamless Luck is a sleek hat with spandex for extra stretch and moisture wicking technology so --to paraphrase a very famous ice queen: the sweat didn't bother him anyway. 

He stretched his legs for a split second and then began to run up and down the bleacher stairs. I confessed to Jeffrey that I was surprised by all of his workouts. I thought he would do much more intricate workouts for the shape he is in. He chuckled and said he liked to keep it simple because that has always worked. Jeffrey verifies to me that all of his workouts and routines are “backed by research”. If Jeffrey isn’t working out, he’s either reading or researching about it so none of us have to. 

"There's a lot of people who go on diet after diet and workout so many ways and they never feel like they're where they want to be. I want to change that". Jeffrey said.


As Jeffrey finished his last run up the stairs and headed down towards me, he stretched his legs a final time, sat down on the bleachers and looked out at the morning sun. He turned and looked at me with a giant grin on his face. I responded with a confused look on my face, hoping he would explain. All he did was laugh and then said, 

“My wife can do this way better than I can”


Check out Jeffrey’s blog here and download his (completely free) fitness e-book here.

Follow Jeffrey's Instagram page at @jfit_21.

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