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Fan of the Week!

Welcome everyone to our Black Clover Blog. This is a new outlet for us to talk about anything and everything going on in Clover Nation. I though for our first blog, we needed to start with the FANS!! I spotted our first fan at a side job of mine. I walked past his table and noticed his Clover hat, so I had to stop and find out his story. His name is Ryan Lowe and he is 15 years old and attends Juan Diego High School. He had been golfing all around Utah and Colorado all summer golfing in tournaments and even qualified for the Utah Open with scores of 76 & 69. I couldn’t even hit that score on my best day and for a 15 year old, he is heading in the right direction. Now when I approached his table he was sitting alone and I thought he seemed a little young to be there by himself. We continued talking about school and golf (which he was dressed to impress, straight from a golf tournament) as his mom walked up and thought I was a little old to be “hitting” on her son. I explained that I was starting a new blog for Black Clover and I asked her permission for Ryan to be our first FAN OF THE WEEK! They were such a fun family to talk to and I appreciated them for taking the time to talk with me. With school starting up, watch for Ryan making headlines in the news and we wish him luck with his upcoming season. If you would like to be a FAN OF THE WEEK, please send me a message on our face book page or a message here and tell us your story and why you deserve to be our FAN OF THE WEEK.


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