Join the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer

Join the Fight Against Ovarian Cancer
A few months ago we met Randalynn, an ovarian cancer survivor on a missions to raise awareness about the disease, and to educate others.

We partnered with her in this mission, because she knows how to Live Lucky every day, and inspired us with her story and her mission.

Since then, that mission has exploded, as her Kick Ovarian Cancer initiative has partnered with other groups to raise awareness and benefit those in need.

Now, Black Clover and Kick Ovarian Cancer have partnered to create a special edition collection that benefits a new Ovarian Cancer organization every single week, helping to fund research, education, and care packages.

We have a goal. Randalynn wants to sell 22,400 hats in 2017. That number is significant, because it represents the number of women who will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer this year.

For more information on this initiative, and how you can benefit Kick Ovarian Cancer, visit Plus, you can follow Randalynn’s journey on Facebook and Instagram (@kickovariancancer) , plus get info on who is receiving donations from the hat sales every week, and more.

Buy your Special Edition Ovarian Cancer Awareness hat here.

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