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Kick Ovarian Cancer

Kick Ovarian Cancer
Meet Randalynn Vasel.
In January of 2017, she was diagnosed with Stage 1 C1 ovarian cancer. Such a diagnosis would be enough to completely upend anyone’s life, but Randalynn wasn’t going to take this life-changing news lying down.
She committed herself to her treatment, and to beating this disease, but more than that, Randalynn made it her life’s mission to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. She started, and dedicated herself to spreading the word about this cancer, and how it can be overcome. She blogs about her life, and the struggles of living day-to-day with ovarian cancer.
Black Clover got to know Randalynn after she posted a photo of herself wearing a Premium Clover 11 to Instagram. The PC 11 is a teal hat with a black clover on it; teal is the official color of ovarian cancer awareness. Randalynn had connected with the color of the hat, but also with the message of choosing to live lucky everyday, even in the midst of trial and hardship. Also, she said that the PC 11 was the only hat comfortable enough for her to wear during chemotherapy, when all of her hair was gone and her scalp was very sensitive to other hats.
So we’ve partnered with Randalynn to spread the word, and to ask others to join the fight.
Randalynn is the perfect embodiment of what it means to live lucky. She received a potentially devastating diagnosis, and turned it into a purpose and a goal - to kick ovarian cancer.
We celebrate Randalynn, and all others who choose to live lucky every single day.
For more information, and to purchase a special edition Black Clover Ovarian Cancer Awareness hat, visit Randalynn’s website -

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