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Here's Why Baseball and Black Clover Are the Perfect Combo

Here's Why Baseball and Black Clover Are the Perfect Combo

Baseball & Black Clover: The Perfect Combo

As the snow melts away and the heavy coats are put back up in the closet, you can almost feel the warm tension in the air. 

While you’ve spent the last few months enjoying the sporting world inside arenas and stadiums, something is calling to you. 

The warm air, the smell of fresh green grass growing, bright clear skies and cool starry nights. Oh yeah, that’s baseball calling and it is ready for you. 

“America’s favorite pastime” has arrived and all of us at Black Clover couldn’t be more excited as we are releasing a brand new set of hats to celebrate a sport rich in tradition, quality, emotion and a lot of superstition. Traits we are all too familiar with.

Here’s what we mean

Baseball is sweet, simple, and full of quality.

So is Black Clover.

We kept it sweet and simple with these new hats. With our versatile colors and signature home run plate patch, these hats can go with any team in the league and with any fan who enjoys seeing a ball soar, a slide into a home plate, or the sound of thunder when the ball meets the bat.

Baseball is full of magic and superstition…

like finding a four leaf clover.

Whether it’s spitting on your gloves like David Ortiz or touching Babe Ruth’s statue before every game like Roger Clemens, baseball players and their fans have always believed in magic that will bring them good luck before each game. 

 We believe in magic too. The magic of the clover. Our clover represents not only luck but the power each one of us has to make the most out of this game we call life. Through all of the strike-outs, the home runs, and the nail biting slides into home plate, each one of us can resonate with the power of luck has. Especially when you pair it with the skills and talents we develop so we can keep playing the game.

Baseball is full of emotion.

There is nothing quite like the sound of a cheering crowd at a baseball stadium. A roaring crowd at a baseball field can be heard from miles away. Even from afar, you can almost feel the energy radiating around a baseball stadium as each fan watches the small white ball determine the fate of the team they’re rooting for. And when you find yourself in the stadium, well, the energy make you want to jump out of your seat and grab a bat because you’re so close to the action, it makes you want to do nothing else but to step up to the plate and swing with all your might. 

Here at Black Clover, we encourage the same amount of energy and emotion in each member of our team and in our apparel. We put emotion and power into our hats and apparel in hopes that anyone who wears the lucky clover will feel it.

Whether you’re at the baseball field in your backyard, your local community, or a giant stadium rooting for your favorite team, we encourage you to take the lucky clover with you and enjoy each and every moment on that legendary diamond to its fullest.

See, told you Black Clover and baseball go together.  #LiveLucky

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